Dog Hypnotherapy using Hypnosis can give you the edge you need when showing. Hypnotism focused on relaxing you & releasing anxiety.

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Flawless Dog Showing Series


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Flawless Dog Showing Series

Several people close to me are deeply involved in the world of dog showing. This dog hypnotherapy series was created for them, and for all of you handlers who want to use hypnotism to help your dogs achieve the success they deserve!

Hypnosis programs your subconscious mind so you can make positive changes, move forward, leave the past behind and start new beginnings. Each dog hypnotherapy session in the Flawless Dog Showing Hypnosis Series is designed to use hypnosis to help the handler become more relaxed while training and showing his or her own dog.

Each dog hypnotherapy CD uses hypnosis & hypnotherapy to help you become more comfortable while showing and training your dog.

Hypnosis Works
  • Dog hypnotherapy helps you become the best handler you can be by using hypnosis to take your mind out of the equation.
  • The Flawless Dog Showing Hypnosis Series was designed to use hypnosis to help the handler become more relaxed while showing his or her dog.
  • The more relaxed you are around your dog, the better he responds to your commands.
  • Listening to this dog hypnotherapy series teaches you, through hypnosis, how to let go of stress and fully enjoy every aspect of training and showing. By improving your concentration and ability to release anxiety with hypnosis, you have a happy and successful showing experience.
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Dog hypnotherapy uses hypnosis and hypnotism to train your subconscious mind. This hypnosis and hypnotherapy will make a difference in the ring!

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