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Skip the Range Today - Practice Golf Hypnosis & Practice Your Mental Game Instead!

With all of the countless innovations in the game of golf that have taken place over the last 20 years - improvements in equipment, teaching aids, instruction, and so on – it’s surprising that the average score among golfers in the U.S. has remained the same over that same time period. Golf hypnosis & Golf Hypnotherapy have changed that!

How could that be?

It’s because there is one thing that hasn’t changed in all of those years: The way we think. Anyone who has ever picked up a golf club knows that golf is a mental game. It’s the most relaxing and the a very maddening endeavor all wrapped up into one. When it comes down to it, though, golfers are apt to head to the range and work on technique before applying the same amount of effort to their mental approach using hypnosis.

The easiest, effective, and most common technique among pro golfers for developing their mental game, is the use of hypnotic suggestion or "golf hypnosis".

Tiger Woods’ mental coach, Jay Brunza, employs golf hypnosis on Tiger to help block out distractions and achieve complete focus on the golf course.

Phil Mickelson also employs hypnotherapy with his mental coach who helps him through golf hypnosis. PGA Professional Chuck Hogan changed the program in his golf schools to incorporate more mental hypnosis training and hypnotherapy than swing training!

Hypnotherapy & hypnosis techniques allows you to access your subconscious mind – the part that controls your breathing, heartbeat, and other bodily functions that happen without the need for conscious thought. Imagine if you had to use willpower to make yourself breathe each breath!

The goal for golfers, then, is for their movements, actions, and thoughts on the golf course to occur just as naturally as breathing. Now you can easily make this happen with the help of a 20 minute audio program once a day! Laura King has recently released her “Improve Your Golf Game with Golf Hypnosis” hypnotherapy session on CD and hypnotherapy MP3.

The “Improve Your Golf Game with Golf Hypnosis” program begins with a brief introduction to put you into an extremely relaxed state. Once relaxed, the subconscious mind is open to positive suggestion, of which this hypnotherapy session has plenty! The main focus points are to help golfers, like you, improve self-talk and self-image, to boost your confidence, to release your fears of failure, and to block out distractions. Listening to these golf hypnosis CD's regularly will implant all of these hypnotherapy ideas firmly in your subconscious mind so that success begins to come naturally!

Laura King knows that the majority of people are surprised at how quickly these golf hypnosis sessions start to work.

“I was about ready to sell my golf clubs, I was so frustrated.” says Chris DeSchino, “But I figured I’d give this golf hypnosis CD a try first. It sounds corny, but after listening to golf hypnotherapy for a week, I had additioanl focus, confidence, and I had more fun than I had in a long time.”

People are also amazed at how affordable “Improve Your Golf Game with Golf Hypnosis” is. Laura King realized that the average golfer has neither the extra time nor the extra money to regularly see a professional hypnotist for golf hypnosis or to hire a mental coach to implement golf hypnotherapy. For around 20 bucks, you can have this golf hypnosis session to listen to as often as you like, in the comfort of your own home or office, and without a serious time commitment.

Order your golf hypnosis series and golf hypnotherapy CD's today!

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With Laura King's golf hypnosis CD's and golf hypnotherapy sets you will soon be improving your golf game! Try out the Laura King hypnosis CD's on golf as well as other sports. Hypnosis CD's & hypnotherapy products come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! Get Laura King's hypnosis products today.

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