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Healthy Eating for Weight Loss

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Aren't you tired of diets? Everywhere I go I am being lured by the illusions of quick weight loss at discount prices, or the promises of pounds off in just a few days, usually accompanied by before and after pictures of amazingly reshaped bodies and life transforming experiences.

If you are interested in this weight loss hypnosis series, you've probably tried a variety of diets and not succeeded for long , but this time you will!!!!!! Why? Because Healthy Eating for Weight Loss is not a "diet", it's an "exercise program" for the brain.

This weight loss hypnotherapy CD works in a different way. Rather than focusing on your body, hypnotist Laura King shifts the focus to that part of the brain that holds "the messages." In order to maximize good health of both body and mind Laura King can give your brain innovative words, thoughts, and hypnosis images that'll change your thinking pattern and your beliefs about what you are capable of accomplishing.

After listening to this hypnotherapy CD with consistency, you'll find for example that it becomes easier to eat only half of what's on your plate. You will be able to choose and control your food rather than having the food control you.

You know how hard it is to pass up those chocolates, the cheesecakes, the delicious smell of freshly baked bread, the butter and cheese… and not fall for the temptation. Or have you found that you can't resist taking one more handful of chips from the bowl, and you have acquired the skill of having those last little salty pieces stick to your finger so that no morsel is left behind? Does this sound familiar? Laura King knows it well because she is describing her own behavior.

When we commit ourselves to a diet we REALLY want to follow through. At first we see the changes and get excited and continue. Then we plateau and get discouraged. Soon our motivation weakens and our old patterns of behavior creep in and take over. We'll always be faced with tempting possibilities that can lead us to fall into the trap of our "old ways." We start by rationalizing that this one time it should be okay to take a bite of that chocolate brownie. Before we know it we're telling ourselves "once a week won't kill me", then to "I'll diet during the week and give myself a break on weekends", and soon it grows to once a day and we end up in a constant battle with ourselves. Once we give in and realize we have failed, we begin to feel anywhere from mild to severe depression because conquering our weakness seems insurmountable. Weight loss hypnosis and using hypnotherapy to lose weight can combat this!

Food shopping is another HUGE challenge for healthy eating. The shelves are full of all the things that work against achieving this goal. In addition we have to make decisions about which would be better, no fat, low fat, no carbs, high fiber, no sugar additives, sugar free, real sugar, margarine or butter, 7 grain, 9 grain or 12 grain…….Even in the fruit and produce section we have challenging choices to pick from: hydroponics, vine-grown, organic, freshly picked or prewashed. And how about meats and poultry? What % of fat should I want, or should my chicken and eggs be free range, grain fed, and what do they really change to make them EXTRA large? With all of these choices, usually what my taste buds hunger for is not what is best for me. Often, by the time I go to the store I'm just simply tired and choose the easy way out, and again I find myself in another brain battle of compromises based on mental chaos and confusion.

So now here's the good news. In this weight loss hypnosis CD Laura King targets the patterns of confusion or misinformation in our brains. We know that it is not about using "will power" to make good choices. It is really about changing the life-long messages in the brain that have become habit and overpower our resolution.

How can we do that? By using this hypnotherapy to give the brain different messages that shall set fresh patterns of behavior that'll become habitual and therefore have the ability to override the old behaviors that sabotage our current goals.

This weight loss hypnosis CD is a Retrain Your Brain hypnotherapy program. All you have to do is to listen to hypnotist Laura King everyday for 20 minutes. Soon you'll begin to `feel that your good eating choices become easier and before you know it you have acquired different eating habits with less effort than you ever imagined. Once your brain knows, then the new messages will become automatic, just like your current behaviors have been.

Imagine how much easier it'll be for you to develop healthy eating habits when your brain is working with you rather than against you. This hypnosis session can jumpstart your journey by reprogramming your subconscious mind to be aware of what is required by your body to function properly. You'll gradually increase your awareness, listen to a different inner voice and change your mind about your food choices, which should lead you to healthier patterns of eating. Eating healthy meals is something you choose daily and you won't even have to think about it You will feel the difference and the difference you feel reinforces your fresh behavior. The results you see may further advance your beliefs that you are capable of achieving good health and weight loss goals through Healthy Eating for Weight Loss.

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