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The majority of diet plans are based on a process of deprivation: People are told to restrict themselves to certain types of food, precise levels of caloric intake, particular types of exercise, and so on. Psychologically these restrictions, technically correct or not, take away much of the pleasure of eating and the fun of getting exercise.

Following a rigid plan is therefore something that many of us, even though we might enjoy temporary success for our efforts, are unable or unwilling to maintain for the rest of our lives. This is one of the biggest reasons that nearly all people fail to maintain an ideal body-weight once they have reached it.

But what if we could wake up in the morning, open the refrigerator and actually crave an apple rather than pancakes, eggs and sausage? What if all of us who haven't exercised in years could get home from work and genuinely look forward to a nice, invigorating jog? If this were possible, they might never need to waste another dollar or another minute on a diet plan again!

This possibility is now a reality. With the help of weight loss hypnosis and hypnotherapy, we can train our subconscious minds to unerringly make healthy eating decisions and to truly enjoy getting the exercise we need.

Being overweight often has negative effects on
health, relationships, and self-confidence

Many of us feel that having a large size takes away much of the enjoyment of life. Some turn to medication, which is only a temporary solution. On top of that, there is often a risk level attached to taking prescription and non-prescription medication, which includes the chance of side effects and the possibility of becoming dependent upon the drug. Further, many weight loss drugs such as herbal "Phen/Fen" and chromium picolinate have been proven either unsafe, ineffective,or both!

Many dieters try using willpower to force a change in eating and exercise habits. This might be perfectly acceptable and effective in the short-run, but it is just a beginning and is very difficult to maintain indefinitely. In order to affect long-term, lasting positive change in weight level, people must look within themselves for the desire and the power to change. A safe, effective, and empowering way to take control of life and train the mind for positive change is through the use of hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

Weight loss hypnosis is a proven and time-tested way
to help men/women achieve goals

Throughout history, thousands if not millions of people have benefited from the power of hypnotism to help them make positive changes in their lives. Some notable users of hypnosis have included Albert Einstein, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Henry Ford, Kevin Costner, and even Mozart.

To understand how self hypnosis works, we should first learn about how our mind works. In simple terms, our mind consists of two components: The conscious mind, and the subconscious mind. Our conscious, or logical, mind performs analytical duties, rationalizes, uses willpower in attempts to change personal habits and conditions, and serves as our short-term memory. The conscious mind also contains what is known as the "critical factor," which operates automatically. The critical factor protects the status quo of a person's beliefs, and must be bypassed in order for that person to accept any suggestion that conflicts with existing beliefs.

On the other hand, our subconscious mind is where our brain deals with habits, emotions, long-term memory, and self-preservation. It is the part of the mind that the hypnotist focuses on, and the part through which it is possible to bypass the critical factor entirely in order to open the door to positive change in life.

The subconscious mind is our greatest powerful weight loss tool and this is where hypnotherapy and self hypnosis work.

A good metaphor is to refer to the subconscious as our computer hard drive, and to self hypnosis as a re-programmer. When we have targeted a specific glitch, such as a tendency to eat fatty foods or an aversion to exercise, in our programming, the self hypnosis is able to guide us into a relaxed yet aware state in which it is possible to reprogram our subconscious with positive suggestions that replace negative elements.

They picture it as losing consciousness and falling completely under the control of the hypnotherapy. Nothing can be further from the truth. When a person is under hypnosis, he or she is deeply relaxed physically, but mentally many times more alert than in a normal state of awareness. He or she hears and responds to everything and is an active participant in the hypnosis session. The person being hypnotized has complete control over what they will or will not do and will instantly reject any suggestions that are uncomfortable to them.

There are many qualified and highly skilled practitioners of hypnotherapy. If you are interested in seeing a hypnotherapist, your doctor will likely be able to recommend somebody reputable. For the majority of issues, effective hypnotherapy can require several hypnosis sessions to be totally effective. Many of us, however, don't have the time in our busy schedules for yet another hour-long appointment every week. Also, in person hypnotherapy sessions can often turn out to be quite expensive, with nearly all practitioners charging in the neighborhood of $100 per hour.

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Hypnosis when used to help you lose weight can be an effective resource. Go ahead and try this weight loss hypnosis CD series by Laura King and see how self hypnosis can increase the caliber of your living. Get this weight loss hypnotherapy CD set today and watch how quickly self hypnosis can improve the quality of your life.

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