With child hypnotherapy hypnotist Laura King designed self hypnosis training to help with education.

Self Hypnosis Helps Your Children Improve Study Habits & Test Scores

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A Natural Approach:
Help Your Child Improve Study Habits and Test Scores with Hypnosis CD'S and Other Self-Hypnosis Products.

A New Option

As parents, we are always looking for ways to help our children get the most out of an education. We do everything in our power to help them be successful in school: providing support and encouragement at home, reading to them, playing educational games, studying all the right books and articles about education, and taking an active interest in class work.

Despite our best efforts many of us find that, once our children reach the competitive environments of junior high or high school, they don't quite possess the study habits and exam-taking skills necessary to ensure success. You might decide that additional time with teachers and less time with friends will help your child. Perhaps you have thought of hiring a tutor or learning coach to help your child with homework and exam preparation. There are many learning resources available to you on the internet these days, and quite possibly you have already put some of them to use. All of these are good options, but there is another great option available that you might not have heard about: Self Hypnosis Learning.

Help Your Child Become A Better Learner with Hypnotherapy

A safe, effective, and empowering way for your child to take control of his life and train his psyche for positive change is through the use of hypnosis therapy and self-hypnosis treatments. This hypnotherapy is a proven way to help people achieve goals. Throughout history, thousands if not millions of people have benefited from hypnotherapy's power to help them make positive changes in their lives. Some notable users of hypnosis have included Albert Einstein, Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Henry Ford, Kevin Costner, and even Mozart benefited from hypnosis treatment.

To understand how self hypnosis works, we must first learn about how our intellect works. In simple terms, our mind consists of two components: The conscious mind, and the subconscious mind. Our conscious, or logical, psyche performs analytical duties, rationalizes, uses willpower in attempts to change personal habits and conditions, and serves as our short-term memory. The conscious mind also contains what is known as the "critical factor," which operates automatically when you are using your conscious mind. The critical factor can be thought of as the protector of the status quo of your beliefs, and must be bypassed in order for you to accept any suggestion that conflicts with your existing beliefs.

On the other hand, our subconscious mind is where our brain deals with habits, emotions, long-term memory, and self-preservation (this is where self hypnosis therapy and professional hypnotherapy training works). It is the part of the psyche that the hypnotist focuses on, and the part through which it is possible to bypass the critical factor entirely in order to open the door to positive change in your life. A good metaphor is to refer to the subconscious as your hard drive, as in a computer, and to the self hypnosis as a re-programmer. When you have targeted a specific "glitch" in your child's hard drive, such as a lack of confidence when taking exams, the self hypnosis is able to guide them into a relaxed yet aware state in which it is possible to reprogram the subconscious with positive suggestions that replace negative elements using hypnotherapy. After additional self hypnosis sessions, your child gains greater confidence when sitting down to take a test, and that new confidence assuredly leads to higher test scores.

To many people the thought of self hypnosis brings forth feelings of apprehension. For parents considering ways to help their children, internal fears can prevent them from trying self hypnosis as a learning development tool. People often picture hypnosis as a process where one loses consciousness and falls completely under the control of the hypnotist. The majority of us have seen hypnosis portrayed in Hollywood as a parlor trick to make people bark like dogs or walk around like chickens.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

When a person using hypnotherapy, they're deeply relaxed physically, but mentally many times more alert than in a normal state of awareness. They hear and respond to everything and are an active participant in the hypnosis session. The person using hypnotherapy has complete control over what they'll do and will instantly reject any suggestions that are uncomfortable to them.

Bring The Power Of Self Hypnosis Home!

There are many qualified and highly skilled practitioners of hypnotherapy. If you are interested in sending your child to receive hypnotherapy, your doctor would likely be able to recommend somebody reputable in your area. For many issues, effective hypnotherapy requires several hypnosis sessions to be totally effective. The problem with this is that many of us, of course, don't have the time in our busy schedules for an hour-long appointment every week. Also, in person hypnosis sessions can often turn out to be quite expensive, with the greatest number of hypnosis practitioners charging in the neighborhood of $100 per hour.

With self hypnotherapy training, your child can experience all the benefits of professional hypnosis sessions in the privacy of your own home, at a time of day that works for them, and at a tiny fraction of the cost of private hypnotherapy sessions! Hypnotist Laura King has produced several self hypnosis series of high quality hypnotherapy MP3's and self-hypnosis CD's. Within each self hypnosis series, each hypnotherapy session begins by placing the listener in a state of deep and comfortable relaxation, whereupon the subconscious mind is increasingly open to positive suggestion. This is followed by a series of suggestions, anchors, and empowering talk that helps you attain your goals, in the case of the "Learn" self hypnosis series, becoming a better learner.

The driving force behind these ground-breaking hypnotherapy products (and the voice on the self hypnosis CD's and hypnotherapy MP3's) is Founder and Director, Laura King, certified hypnotist and certified sports hypnotist. Laura King was trained at the Omni Hypnosis Training Center and the Don Mottin Sports Hypnosis Training Center. She also studied for 24 years under the direction of Dorothy Gates, Ph.D., developer and founder of Spectra Dynamics, and pioneer in the world of hypnotherapy.

The "Learn" Self Hypnosis Series

One of the extremely popular hypnotherapy series of CD and MP3 self hypnosis sessions is the "Learn" Series. This 6-point self hypnosis program helps students of all ages and levels, through the use of specific relaxation techniques and by practicing mental imagery, harness their own ability to learn and translate that into greater classroom success. This hypnotherapy is not intended to be used as a replacement for traditional learning tools, but its effectiveness as a complement to them cannot be overstated.

The Concentration self hypnosis session is geared toward narrowing and increasing your child's attention span. As the brain gains increase focus, awareness is intensified and the desire to learn and to see problems through becomes naturally implanted.

Absorption self hypnosis CD retrains the memory retention channels of the intellect to effortlessly absorb and retain material of value. The motivation to remember increases dramatically, and thinking becomes deeper and more profound.

The third self hypnosis session, Excellent Thinker gives your child the ability to appreciate the differences and distinctions between objects of interest. Your child becomes better able to differentiate between ideas and opinions, and is thus further adept at collecting data and drawing logical and creative conclusions.

The Recall Hypnotherapy Training instructs the subconscious mind to recall desired information at will. New information absorbs and assimilates easily with information already in your child's "storage." A physical action becomes a trigger to help the subconscious mind effortlessly recall desired information.

The Alert self hypnosis session is geared toward helping your child make the best use out of all of the other hypnosis sessions in this hypnotherapy series. It is an integral piece of this tool, as it gives your child the ability to access the subconscious mind with their eyes open or closed, at home or in a classroom.

Finally, Test Taking and Good Study Habits actually increases your child's desire to study by way of hypnosis. Your child can practice relaxation techniques that help to dissipate the anxiety associated with taking tests.

As an extra bonus, your free gift with the "Learn" hypnosis series is a CD entitled "All About Hypnosis," which explains the principles of hypnosis and prepares you or your child for the hypnotherapy sessions.

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Finally, a self hypnotherapy program designed for your children. We know that you want your children to have the best education. Using this self hypnosis training can help give your children an edge in that quest. Hypnotist professional Laura King has designed these hypnotherapy CD's to truly empower your children. Try this self hypnosis therapy today and began giving your child the advantage they need!

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