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Self Hypnosis & Natural Laws of the Mind

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#4 - Your Way of living is Your Life

Life is full of habits: successions of actions that become mostly automatic. Ninety-eight percent of what we do, we do by second nature, spontaneously. Each separate act (habit), good or bad, plays a part in making you what you are. It is never too late (nor are we ever too old) to modify our practices, self hypnosis will help. You can begin today with Laura King's hypnotherapy. You can begin right now, at this very moment. Remember that success is a habit and failure is also a habit. Repetition forms positive customs and adverse ones.

People do little from reason, much from passion, most from routine.

You Can Foretell Your Future

A surefire way to tell what your future holds is to look at your practices of today. If you don't alter any of your practices of today, there is one place they'll lead you.

If you want to shift your customs, you have to work at it.

Getting rid of bad mannerisms involves cultivating new ones. And that work has to be on the subconscious level...hint, self hypnosis. If you could switch by just reading a book about change or going to therapy, everyone would be replacing all of their negatory ideas and behavior with affirmative ones. But it's not that easy. Reading doesn't create transformation easily or automatically.

What you use increases; what you don't use, or abuse atrophies from lack of use. All of your talents increase or decrease in proportion to the extent to which you apply them. Once a mannerism is formed, it becomes easier and easier to follow and harder to break.

Make good practices and they'll make you.

#5 - Don't breed negative ideas

As you probably have learned through experience, the added attention and power you give to your fears, the greater they affect you and the more likely they are to manifest themselves. If you continue to fear ill health, constantly talk about your "nerves," "tension headaches," "nervous stomach," in time those organic changes occur. Your nerves start to act up, you'll get tension headaches, and you'll experience stomach problems. All because you kept those pessimistic notions in your mind.

#6 - Mindset is a Matter of Choice

A mindset is basically the way in which you look at living, and as we have all experienced, feelings affect the body and how the body performs. Fortunately, we all have the innate ability to choose our frame of mind in any given set of circumstances.

The events that occur in our lives are purely neutral. They are not substantive until we have decided that they are, and they are not adverse until we have decided they are.

#7 - Reactions Must be Managed

This law is the corollary to the previous one; just as you can manage your disposition, you can manage your reactions. Again, what happens in your life is purely neutral. But how you react to what happens is not; it can affect your health and your performance.

#8 - Thoughts Should Be Kept Alive

No idea is self-sustaining in the mind - - it must be nurtured, fed and kept alive. The first time I heard the sentence: "Only one concept can be entertained at one time," I was thoroughly confused. I was thinking about memory and how we can hold many ideas at once.

But the sentence refers instead to how the conscious mind recognizes an idea as true, correct, and guiding. And that it cannot hold the opposing scheme simultaneously. For example, an individual may believe in absolute honesty. He trains and expects his children to be honest. Meanwhile, he cheats on his income taxes. He might rationalize his conduct by saying, "Everybody else does it." He cannot, however, escape the conflict and its effect upon his nervous system that is caused by attempting to hold opposing ideas.

The following are truisms about your thoughts:
  • An idea, once accepted, tends to remain until it is replaced by another concept or until it is forgotten.
  • Once a concept has been accepted, there is opposition to replacing it with a new notion.
  • The longer a concept remains, the greater opposition there is to replacing it with a new one.
  • The longer a routine remains, the further it tends to become a fixed way of thinking. (This is how habits are formed, both good and bad ones: first the mind, then the action.)
  • Therefore, if we wish to modify our actions, we must begin by changing our concepts.

#9 Attitude of Gratitude - Hypnotherapy

One of the laws of the universe is what you put forth comes back to you-and usually when it does it has gained mass and momentum. In other words, what goes around, comes around. Therefore, if you develop an feeling of gratitude, and you look at your journey in terms of all you have to be grateful for, you'll start seeing more to be grateful for, focusing on genuine things, and increased beneficial things will then be attracted to you.
Laws of the Mind Hypnotherapy One - Self Hypnosis Two

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