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To understand how hypnosis works, we must first learn about how our mind works. In simple terms, our mind consists of two components: The conscious mind, and the subconscious mind. Our conscious, or logical, mind performs analytical duties, rationalizes, uses willpower in attempts to change personal habits and conditions, and serves as our short-term memory. The conscious mind also contains what is known as the "critical factor," which operates automatically when we use our conscious mind. The critical factor can be thought of as protecting the status quo of our beliefs, and must be bypassed in order for us to accept any suggestion that conflicts with existing thoughts and ideas.

On the other hand, our subconscious mind is where our brain deals with habits, emotions, long-term memory, and self preservation. It is the part of the mind that the hypnotist focuses on, and the part through which it is possible to bypass the critical factor entirely in order to open the door to positive change in life. A good metaphor is to refer to the subconscious as our computer hard drive, and to the hypnotist as a re-programmer. When we target a specific glitch, such as a high stress level, in our programming, the hypnotist is able to guide us into a relaxed yet aware state in which it is possible to reprogram the subconscious with positive suggestions that replace negative elements.

To many people the thought of hypnosis brings forth feelings of fear and apprehension. They picture it as losing consciousness and falling completely under the control of the hypnotist. Nothing can be further from the truth. When a person is hypnotized, he or she is deeply relaxed physically, but mentally many times more alert than in their normal state of awareness. He or she hears and responds to everything and is an active participant in the hypnosis session. The person being hypnotized has complete control over what they will or will not do and will instantly reject any suggestions that are uncomfortable to them.


There are many qualified and highly skilled practitioners of hypnotherapy. If one is interested in seeing a hypnotherapist, their doctor will likely be able to recommend somebody reputable in the area. For most issues, effective hypnotherapy can require several sessions to be totally effective. Many of us, however, don't have the time in our busy schedules for yet another hour-long appointment every week. Also, in person sessions can often turn out to be quite expensive, with most practitioners charging in the neighborhood of $100 per hour.

With Laura King's self hypnotherapy, you can experience all the benefits of professional hypnosis sessions in the privacy of their own homes, at a time of day that works for them, and at only a tiny fraction of the cost of private hypnotherapy sessions! Hypnotist Laura King has produced several series of high quality hypnosis and self-hypnosis CD's and MP3's. Within each series, each session begins by placing you in a state of deep and comfortable relaxation, whereupon the subconscious mind is increasingly open to positive suggestion. This is followed by a series of suggestions, anchors, and empowering talk that helps you attain their goals.

The driving force behind these self hypnosis training programs (and the voice on the CD's and MP3's) is Founder and Director, Laura King, certified hypnotist and certified sports hypnotist. Laura was trained at the Omni Hypnosis Training Center and the Don Mottin Sports Hypnosis Training Center. She also studied for 24 years under the direction of Dorothy Gates, Ph.D., dev eloper and founder of Spectra Dynamics, and pioneer in the world of hypnotherapy. "Personal Keys to Winning for Life" is a series of sessions designed to help people achieve and maintain a more positive balance in their lives. Listening to this series helps one to relax the mind and body, removing stress, thereby initiating a sense of overall wellness that extends to all areas of life. As the sessions help you to gradually reduce the level of stress in his or her life, their health improves and they become happier. Additionally, listening to "Personal Keys to Winning for Life" allows people to take control of their health by increasing the motivation to exercise and teaching how to make healthful food choices. Teaching how to make physical changes in one's body is reinforced by then teaching them how to strengthen the spirit: This session also helps people rid themselves of past emotional hang-ups and to focus on feeling good and living life to the fullest.

The series is composed of six individual CD's or MP3's: Basic Relaxation, Exercise, Feel Good íV Be Happy, Healthy Choices íV Ideal Weight, Letting Go íV Moving Forward, and Health. Bought as a series or as individual sessions, "Personal Keys" comes with detailed instructions that show people how to get the most out of the sessions. Each customer also gets a free bonus CD or Tape called All About Hypnosis, which explains the principles of hypnosis and prepares them for their session.

Hypnotist Laura King offers many other popular and highly effective series:

"Be Fit for Life"

This series guides you through a process to achieve and maintain the ideal weight for your body type. Through healthy eating, speeding up metabolism, and developing a positive self-image, you will obtain the body that is just right for you.


A 6-point program designed for students of all ages and levels. Maximize concentration, memory, and ability to absorb information, while at the same time improving study habits and test-taking skills.


This series, popular among Human Resource managers and CEOs, helps people become better public speakers, increase sales, and become more motivated at work. One learns to be the best they can be at work by capitalizing on their strengths. Employers and employees alike accept prosperity as a way of life because this series prepares them to achieve much greater success.

Other products include the "Sports", "Self-Image Builders", "5 Keys to Winning for the Equestrian" and "Fearless Dog Showing" series, in addition to several individual sessions to help you quit smoking, sleep better, and others. To learn more about all of hypnotist Laura King products and for interesting links and information, visit today. The website also offers safe, simple and secure online ordering for your convenience.

Reduce Stress Page 1 - Page 2

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