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A Safe, Natural, Quick Mental Workout with the countless innovations that have taken place in the game of tennis in recent years - improvements in equipment, superior teaching aids, instruction, and so on - it’s surprising that there hasn’t been much innovation focused on the “mental games” of today’s recreational athletes. This is where tennis hypnosis comes in!

How could that be?

Any tennis coach will tell you that the average tennis player out there, one who has taken tennis lessons and developed nice strokes, is held back from winning by a poor mental approach to the game.

It’s because no matter if your racquet is made of wood or space age composites, there is one thing that hasn’t changed over the years: The way we think... hint, tennis hypnosis...

Anyone who has ever picked up a tennis racquet knows that tennis is a mental game. It can be highly rewarding and the extremely frustrating endeavor all wrapped up into one. The amount of fun you have in a given tennis match is often directly related to your confidence and focus level.

What the average tennis player doesn’t realize is that in order to consistently play at their best, practicing forehands, backhands and tennis serves won’t cut it: You need to take time to work on your mental approach as well.

The easiest, most effective, and highly common technique among pro stars for developing a mental game, is the use of hypnosis suggestion, or tennis hypnosis.

Hypnosis suggestion can be nothing else than a tennis player picturing in his/her mind the perfect serve before they hit it, or the best possible outcome before the tennis match begins.

All of the top tennis athletes in the world employ similar tennis hypnosis tactics to improve self confidence and how they play. Many tennis players even have mental coaches and sports hypnosis professionals that travel with them to tennis tournaments!

Tennis hypnosis techniques allow us to access our subconscious minds – the part that controls our breathing, heartbeat, and other bodily functions that happen without the need for conscious thought. Imagine if you had to use willpower to make yourself breathe each breath!

The goal for tennis competitors, then, is for the perfect tennis strokes to occur just as naturally as breathing. Now you can easily make this happen with the help of a 20 minute tennis hypnosis program once a day! A Florida based company has recently released an “Improve Your Tennis Game” tennis hypnosis session on CD and MP3.

The “Improve Your Tennis Game” hypnosis program begins with a brief introduction to put tennis hypnosis listeners into an extremely relaxed state. Once relaxed, the subconscious mind is expanded open to positive suggestion, of which this hypnosis session has plenty! The tennis hypnotherapy program helps tennis athletes improve self-talk and self-image, to boost confidence, to release fears of failure, and to block out distractions while on the tennis court.

Listening to the tennis hypnosis CD regularly will implant all of these ideas firmly in the subconscious mind so that success on the tennis court begins to come naturally!

The majority of tennis participants are surprised at how quickly the hypnosis session starts to work.

“I was about ready to sell my racquets on e-bay, I was so frustrated.” says Chris Saunders, “But I figured I’d give this tennis hypnosis CD a try first. After listening to the hypnosis for a week, I was better focused, confident, and I had extra fun playing tennis than I had in a long time.”

3 Simple Tips For Better Tennis

You may choose to remember the best tennis match you ever played, or to picture your favorite tennis pro. Either way, your subconscious mind can build on these hypnosis images and help you perform with greater confidence.

Next time you play tennis, be sure to focus on taking some deep, relaxing breaths. This helps your muscles relax and brings fluidity and consistency to your movements.

A great way to improve your tennis game has nothing to do with mechanics or strategy. You naturally improve the greater you compliment and encourage yourself and the less you criticize yourself for mistakes.

Tennis players are also amazed at how affordable “Improve Your Tennis Game” is. Hypnotist Laura King realized that most tennis players have neither the extra time nor the extra money to see a professional hypnotist or to hire a mental hypnosis coach. For around 20 bucks, you can have this tennis hypnosis session to listen to as often as you like, in the comfort of your own home or office, and without a serious time commitment!
For additional information about this tennis hypnosis program, and many other highly effective audio hypnosis sessions, visit the home page www.selfhypnosishypnotherapy.com.

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Get your own copy of tennis hypnosis today from hypnotist Laura King. This tennis hypnosis CD comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Try this hypnosis CD as well as the tennis hypnosis MP3 designed by a hypnotist who knows tennis!

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