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What you think is what you get.

Why do you need to learn about it?
There are four mental-conditioning laws for the conscious mind that Laura King finds are particularly helpful to her self hypnosis clients:
  • You are what you concentrate on.
  • What you concentrate on seems real (because real and imagined cannot be discerned).
  • What you concentrate on grows.
  • You always find what you concentrate on.
You don't realize what you don't know.
In NLP's model of learning, we call this unconscious incompetence. Experts/coaches/ therapists/ hypnotherapists are helpful because you don't realize what you don't know. But once you do, you are at the point of choice. Then, you realize what you don't know, and you can choose to do something about it.

In NLP, when we achieve peak performance, exemplary, or personal best, we say that we have evolved from...
unconscious incompetence --> conscious incompetence--> conscious competence --> unconscious competence

With self hypnosis you can change the way you communicate.
With some self hypnosis education and training, you can control your emotions and their corresponding physical manifestations. That will take some time, and although it is possible if you dedicate yourself to it, in order to achieve success you will need feedback, as that is what tells you how you are progressing (or if you are not progressing).

If you try to change your behavior all by yourself, you can go off in the wrong direction and never fathom it. That's why you need feedback.

When you combine NLP with self hypnosis, you create the opportunity to speed up and deepen the changes you want to create. This powerful self hypnosis combo puts you on the fast track to greatness!

The fastest way to be the best you can be is to find someone who already exhibits it and do what they do.
NLP and self hypnosis employ several techniques to produce and reproduce perfection.
The ones Laura King uses most in her practice are:
  • Modeling
  • Circle of Excellence
  • Theater of the Mind
  • Anchoring


The theory of Modeling says that we can achieve distinction in anything by finding a place where it already exists and copying the traits and behaviors present when superb-ness is present.

These are the thoughts and feelings you want to develop. This is modeling.

Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence is the people and images, sights and sounds, you surround yourself with that are indicative of greatness, and that exude superiority. We can directly observe as the cause of distinction. This isn't about theorizing about what actions might have resulted in or contributed to a state of excellence. Modeling is similar to what you may perceive as cause and effect.

Theater of the Mind

If you're thinking that Theater of the Mind is visualization, you're correct. We must recognize the power of our imagination; it is 88% of our mind! The better you are at using your imagination, the more successful you'll be when you utilize Theater of the Mind later.

Here are some tips for effective use of your imagination:
  • Learn to control your imagination. Practice visualizing. Imagine that your hands are lighter and lighter and your feet are heavier and heavier.
  • Learn to apply your imagination when preparing for constructive activities, such as riding.
  • Develop your creativity. Visualize new inventions, new services, new movies, new approaches to living.
  • When your perception tells you that you're up against a wall, let your imagination run wild. Brainstorm. Don't judge your ideas or edit them-just let them flow and associate freely.
  • Practice and practice and practice until you are comfortable using your imagination easily and effectively.


Anchoring is a technique that creates a response through the practice of association. Anchoring is based on classical behavioral conditioning and involves using (or creating) a trigger that is connected to a desired response. Anchoring completely bypasses your conscious and creates an instant reaction. The conscious mind can't stop the reaction.

Anchors can be just about anything: a touch (e.g., when your hands are on the steering wheel), a sight (e.g., when you see the color red), or a complex set of movements (e.g., when you leave the house). The key is to attach the anchor to a desired emotional response. For example: when you put your hands on your steering wheel, you immediately relax... Laura King has found that anchoring is the tool that creates the most powerful, lasting changes in Laura King's clients. Laura King uses it multiple times in all of her personal hypnosis sessions and all of her self hypnosis CD's, and Laura King recommends that you get comfortable with anchoring.

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With NLP by Laura King you can use self hypnosis or visit Laura King for a personal hypnosis session. NLP has evolved into a hypnosis tool based on four hypnosis conditioning laws. Read more about NLP and Laura King's self hypnosis here at Self-Hypnosis-Hypnotherapy .com . Self hypnosis & NLP can improve your life!

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