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Know Thyself!

NLP will help you immensely in your daily performance because it is a hypnotherapy vehicle for self-knowledge. The better you know yourself, the better you'll be able to plan your transformation and growth (yes, you can plan your personal growth).

Once you know, from observation, how someone else looks at the world, you are in a better position to effectively and efficiently communicate with them. Furthermore, the greater you know someone, the better position you are in to predict behavior. Think about it: You have two friends who are similar in a lot of ways and share many of the same interests. For instance, they both like to ski. However one prefers moguls while the other prefers cross-country skiing. Who do you think needs extra stimulation?

Perhaps the most helpful aspect of NLP for self hypnosis and hypnotherapy is to understand which sense is the dominant one you prefer to use when taking in and processing new information. NLP will help with this. Self hypnosis research has shown that most of us are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.

Here are some quick NLP tips on how to determine which one you are:
  1. Visual people (55% of population) tend to center on pictures, colors, sizes, angles, contrasts of focus, and brightness. They tend to talk fast, think in pictures and charts, and prefer to be shown how to do new things. They often speak of how they "see" things ("looks good to me," "I see what you mean," "the future is looking brighter"). They pay careful attention to their appearance and the appearance of others. Their respiration is shallow and quick. They use words like:
    • Appear, Clarity, Display, Emerge, Focus, Hindsight
    • Illusion, Look Notice, Peek, Peer, Probe, Scene
    • See eye-to-eye, Sketchy, Stare View, Watch, Witness

  2. Auditory people (21% of population) concentrate on words, volume, cadence, inflection, pauses, pitch, and tempo. They are good at handling people, are open to both sides of an argument, and like good questions. They think in language, talk about how things sound ("sounds good to me," "this rings a bell," "I'm all ears") and are dominators of conversations. Background noises can either bug or help them. If you want them to do something, you should explain it to them (not show them or give them written instructions). They breathe deeply and speak rhythmically. They use words like:
    • Announce, Boisterous, Confess, Deafening, Echo, Growl, Howl Mention, Outspoken
    • Resonate, Screech, Speechless, Tongue-tied Utter, Vocal, Whisper

  3. Kinesthetic people (24% of population) fixate on feelings, texture, vibration, intensity, pressure, tension, and movement. What they perceive is often a reflection of the person's feelings. They are touchers and they judge situations and others by how they make them feel inside ("that doesn't feel right to me," "she's so thin-skinned," "I have to dig deep for the answer," "she's all washed up"). They breathe deeply and slowly, have increased patience than the other types, and they speak slower and lower. Because they take most cues from their feelings, they are more prone to moodiness. They use words like:
    • Burning, Caress, Euphoric, Firm, Heated
    • Lukewarm, Muddled Pressure, Relax, Rush, Shift
    • Solid, Stress, Stroke, Touch, Unsettled Whipped
Remember why you should learn about NLP, it works?
  • NLP will improve your performance-and your life-in a shorter period of time.
  • NLP is probably the easiest thing you can implement to be the best you can be.
  • NLP has been working for three decades.
  • Because we all need all the help we can get.

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