This Hypnosis Training encompasses: Business Hypnotherapy, Self Hypnosis, Corporate Hypnosis, & Auditions.

Corporate Training - Learn Series - Auditioning

Corporate Hypnosis & Business Hypnotherapy

If you're an employee, the Business Hypnotherapy CD series will enable you to become more energized and motivated, maximizing your performance and becoming a top producer in your field. You'll learn how to be the best you can be, recognizing your strengths and encouraging yourself to use them.
The result, a happier and more productive work experience.

The Corporate Hypnosis & Business Hypnotherapy Training Series focuses on:
  • Public speaking hypnotherapy
  • Building business sales
  • Motivation using Self-Hypnosis
  • Stress management Hypnosis Training
  • Memory/Enhancing Learning
  • Prosperity/Abundance
(Business hypnotherapy CD's are available separately)

Learn Series / Retrain Your Brain for Learning

As parents, we're always looking for ways to help our children in school. We provide support and encouragement at home and take an active interest in their class work. Maybe you've tried hiring tutors and learning coaches, going to therapy, getting medication, and doing homework with (or for) your child for hours each night. You think you're doing your best. Laura King offers another possibility.

The Self Hypnosis Learn Series trains you to:
  • Increase your focus with corporate hypnosis
  • Strengthen your desire to learn
  • Intensify your mind using self hypnosis
  • Perform at your optimal intellectual level
  • Recall information with ease & accuracy
  • Achieve higher test scores & grades
(These self hypnosis CD's are offered individually)

Achieving Flawless Auditions & Performance Series

This self hypnosis mini-series includes 2 powerful self hypnosis audition CD's: Improve Memory and Strengthen Concentration & Release Performance Anxiety, that guide you, the performer, through the process of preparing your body and mind for your upcoming audition or performance. You know how often times actors and actresses sabotage their own auditions well before they even set foot on the stage. This self hypnosis mini-series teaches you how to improve your memory and boost your concentration, thereby ensuring that you have the proper tools to achieve your audition and performance goals. Additionally, that award winning performance that you strive to experience becomes even easier for you to achieve as fears of performing are released from your mind. The result is a new found self confidence that carries over into all other aspects of your life. Start with this self hypnosis audition training today!
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Business Hypnotherapy and Corporate Hypnosis training can help take your company to unprecedented levels. Using corporate hypnosis CD's & self hypnosis training will escalate your success in learning unfamiliar material, to audition as well as to increase your focus on what is important to you. Get Self Hypnosis MP3's & Business Hypnotherapy Training and start improving your life today!

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