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When Laura King began to study hypnosis 25+ years ago, she had no idea that her passion for helping the people around her would somehow become focused on dog handlers and dog hypnotherapy. Today, her hypnotism company is the world’s first and only supplier of a comprehensive self-hypnosis program designed to assist canine exhibitors of all levels and breeds reach their goals using dog hypnotherapy.

The Flawless Dog Showing program is a hypnotherapy series of five CD's that allow dog handlers to experience the benefits of self hypnosis in the privacy and comfort of their homes. The dog hypnotherapy CD series is designed to help any canine handler to become better relaxed, fearless, confident, courageous, happy, and successful.
Whatever your own personal challenges are, self hypnosis can help. Hypnotherapy can create change so easily and quickly that you'll wish you had tried dog hypnotherapy long ago.”

“The underlying principle behind the Flawless Dog Showing Self Hypnosis series,” says Laura King, “Is that the further relaxed and confident you are as a dog handler, the more you enjoy what you are doing. And the greater you enjoy it, the more successful you can be.”
In the first self hypnosis session of the dog hypnotherapy series, “Basic Relaxation,” canine handlers learn deep breathing techniques that physically and mentally relax the entire body. Muscle tension is replaced by peace and harmony, producing smooth, effortless, and

How Do These Self Hypnosis Sessions Work?

Our subconscious mind is where our brain deals with habits, emotions, long-term memory, and self-preservation. It is the part of the mind that canine hypnotism focuses on, and the part through which it is possible to bypass the conscious mind entirely in order to open the door to positive change.

A good metaphor is to refer to the subconscious mind as your hard drive, as in a computer, and to the self hypnosis as the re-programmer. When you have targeted a specific glitch, such as fear of performing or the inability to focus, the self hypnosis is able to guide you into a relaxed yet aware state in which it is possible to reprogram your subconscious with positive suggestions that replace negative elements.

When a person uses hypnotism, he or she is deeply relaxed physically, but mentally many times as alert than in their normal state of awareness. The person experiencing the hypnotherapy has complete control over what they'll or will not do, and usually reject any suggestions that are uncomfortable to them.
relaxed body movements for a pleasurable dog showing. You'll also find that listening to this dog hypnotherapy session daily helps to relieve stress from all areas of your life.

You can be most successful in your exhibiting competition when you are able to achieve complete relaxation beside your dog. When you are relaxed, it can often seem that your body knows, without conscious thought, exactly how to move, and that your dog can sense your relaxation and be better behaved.

“Fearless Showing,” was created for dog handlers (and, let’s face it, this is all of us at one time or another) who let feelings of self-doubt or fear of failure deter them from success. With this self hypnosis session, the voices of past fears and failures at dog shows are transformed into positive, empowering self-talk.

The third self hypnosis session in the dog hypnotherapy series is called, simply, “Peak Performance,” and is based on two key hypnosis concepts. First, visualization is essential to success. All great athletes and performers rehearse their performances in their minds to create the results they desire. Through the repetition of self hypnosis suggestion, you can communicate with your subconscious mind and program your dog showing experience for success. Second, peak performance is achieved only after a canine handler is able to build confidence, poise, and self-image.

There are very few performers in any arena who have never experienced some form of performance anxiety. In dog showing, these fears are often amplified due to the fact that oftentimes all eyes are on you and your dog, and nothing else. “Release of Performance Anxiety,” the fourth self hypnosis session in the Flawless Dog Showing hypnotherapy series, uses mental imagery to help you replace feelings of anxiety with feelings of being a winner.

After all, anxiety arises from thoughts about the outcome of the breed you’re showing in, of a future that you cannot control. Release of performance anxiety comes when you are able to gain your satisfaction from the process of preparing and competing, a process that unlike the outcome, is within your control.

3 Simple Hypnosis Tips For Dog Showing Success

You may choose to remember the best competition you’ve ever had, or to picture your favorite canine competitor. Either way, your subconscious mind can build on these images and help you show your dog with additional confidence.

Next time you show your dog, be sure to focus on taking some deep, relaxing breaths. This helps your muscles relax and brings fluidity and consistency to your movements.

A great way to improve your dog showing has nothing to do with mechanics or strategy. You naturally improve the more you compliment and encourage yourself and the less you criticize yourself for mistakes.

The final dog hypnotherapy session in the self hypnosis series puts you on the road to success by helping you to improve your powers of concentration using hypnotism. Your ability to concentrate is bolstered by exercises that help you to increase your self-awareness and self-discipline. “Gaining Concentration” gives you the ability to compete despite distractions going on around you or in your mind.

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Training yourself to train your canine using dog hypnotherapy is a great way to advance in the dog show ring. With dog hypnotism you'll improve your confidence while showing. Try this dog hypnotherapy and canine self hypnosis today and see how hypnosis and self hypnosis will improve your performance. All dog hypnotherapy programs and other hypnotism CD's come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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