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Keys to Winning Dressage Hypnosis Series - Laura King Equestrian Hypnotherapy

This 3 CD Dressage hypnotism set can help you relax on your horse, add riding confidence, cast away your fears and self-doubt, and sharpen your competitive concentration.

Equestrian Hypnotherapy Disk 1 - Gaining Concentration and Memory for Dressage
Become successful in lessons and in the show ring by increasing your concentration and improving technique. This equestrian hypnosis CD is designed for focusing on riding tests positively and successfully, because distractions inside your head are non-existent and outside distractions do not register. As you listen to this equestrian hypnotherapy CD repeatedly, you'll effectively warm up and remember tests easily because you will improve control through increased self-discipline, self-awareness, and concentration. You'll have greater fun at any horse show event.

Hypnotism Disk 2 - Peak Performance for Dressage
You are what you think. Through the repetition of positive hypnosis suggestions, this equestrian hypnotherapy CD communicates with your subconscious mind to help you calm your anxieties and to perform at your very best. Nervous horses shall no longer be a challenge when you are calm and centered as a rider. Learn how to prepare your mind through relaxation, hypnosis imagery and positive thinking. Youíll gain focus, confidence, and build your self image which should ultimately improve your riding skills. You will give yourself the permission to win which is the competitive edge!
keys to winning horse dressage with equestrian hypnosis
Laura King Hypnosis Disk 3 - Freestyle Relaxation to Dance
Mental pressure creates muscle tension. Peak performance is accessed by mind-body relaxation. This equestrian hypnotism CD is designed to help improve your freestyle techniques and ability to connect with your horse. This hypnosis strengthens your ability for relaxing and breathing by positive suggestions. Listeners physically and mentally release unwanted muscle tension and replace it with pleasant feelings of peacefulness and harmony within the mind and body. This helps to produce a smooth, effortless, and relaxed body for greater fluid communication between horse and rider, and ultimately a more pleasurable ride.
Price: $ 73.47  Qty:

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Try out this equestrian hypnotherapy CD set today. With equestrian hypnotism you'll be empowered to ride with additional confidence, improve your control over your horse with hypnotism, and win added competitions! Laura King, a hypnotist from southern FL, has used equestrian hypnosis with great success no for many years. Get an equestrian hypnotherapy MP3 or an equestrian hypnosis CD right now and start improving your riding!

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