Utilize weight loss hypnosis CD's & hypnotist Laura King's self hypnotherapy MP3's. Try stop smoking hypnosis CD's too!

Weight Loss - Stop Smoking - Winning for Life - Women Series - Facing Illness - Self Image - Traveling - Grief & Sorrow

try weight loss hypnosis cd's

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Get results with weight loss hypnosis CD's by retraining your brain to attain the ideal weight for your body type. Long-term weight loss is not a matter of willpower, it's about changing thought patterns that trigger behavior with weight loss hypnosis training.
  • Jump start your metabolism and revitalize your core energy utilizing weight loss hypnosis therapy.
  • Hypnotherapy CD's help you overcome toxic thought patterns that sabotage your weight loss.
  • Weight loss hypnosis will develop self confidence and control to achieve your ideal body weight.
  • Using hypnotherapy training, eliminate self-destructive habits like overeating to compensate for stress and boredom.
(Weight loss hypnosis CD's are available individually)

stop smoking hypnosis mp3's & smoking hypnotherapy cd's

Stop Smoking, Hypnosis

Stopping smoking could be much easier than you think. Stop smoking hypnosis is a superb tool to help you stop smoking. Laura King's hypnotherapy is an example of high quality hypnosis combined with clever psychological approaches that help you beat tobacco cravings.
  • Experience a rush of increased natural energy and good health
  • Cutting-Edge, scientifically proven behavioral modification strategies are used in Laura King's hypnotherapy.
  • Eliminate cravings, break the addiction to smoke or chew with self hypnotherapy!
  • You only quit smoking when you reach the stage where you don't want to smoke any longer. Use stop smoking hypnosis CD's to give you true success.

buy hypnotist laura king's hypnotherapy training

Personal Hypnosis Keys to Winning for Life

Achieve and maintain a positive balance in your life. Listening to this hypnosis series by hypnotist, Laura King, allows you to take control of your health by increasing your motivation to exercise and teaching you how to make healthy food choices.
  • Transform overwhelming stress and anxiety into feelings of security and peace with self hypnotherapy.
  • Feel better, be happy and attract supportive and positive people into your life with hypnosis training.
  • Convert years of unhealthy habits and behaviors into a life-long commitment to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Overcome painful memories, past mistakes and negative emotions; use Laura King's hypnotherapy.
(Hypnotherapy CD's are on sale separately.)

womens hypnotherapy sessions

Complete Women Hypnosis Series

Overcome the emotionally and physically exhausting roller coaster of being everything to everyone. Clarify your life's purpose and begin to balance success with overall well-being.
  • With Hypnotherapy Revitalize Your Core Energy and Discover Your Life's Purpose.
  • Become better organized, accomplished and able to quickly solve problems in both your professional and personal life.
  • Embrace your female power to attract love, and balance into your life.
  • Adopt life changing hypnosis techniques that produce lasting relationships.
(Hypnotism CD's can be bought singly.)

facing illness & disease using hypnotherapy cd's

Complete Facing Illness Hypnosis Series

Use relaxation and hypnotherapy visualization techniques to reduce stress, and help your body work toward its maximum healing potential. Hypnotherapy, fosters a positive, healthy mind-set that can greatly speed your recovery and ease your pain.
  • Self hypnotherapy helps you gain confidence in your immune system's ability to heal from within.
  • Prepare your mind with Laura King's hypnosis for successful surgery and recovery.
  • Fall asleep easily and stay asleep with hypnosis. allow your body to get the rest it needs to maintain the energy essential to healing.
  • Accept your situation and feel the utmost confidence in the treatment method you have chosen.
(These hypnotherapy CD's are on sale individually)

improve your self image with self hypnotherapy training

Self Image Builder Hypnosis Series

If you don't feel 100% confident in yourself, you can use these hypnosis CD's to help change that. With just 20 minutes a day of hypnotherapy, you can completely change any negative attitudes you have about yourself!
  • Become more comfortable giving and receiving love using hypnosis therapy.
  • Hypnotherapy helps you obtain optimum health
  • Realize opportunities for success, prosperity and harmony with hypnotherapy.
  • Laura King shows you how self hypnosis can help you to feel balanced, self-assured, and in control of your life.
(These hypnotism CD's are available separately)

self hypnotherapy travel cd series

Pleasant Journeys Hypnosis CD's & Hypnotherapy Sessions

Have you ever missed out on fun with your family or friends because you are not a good traveler? Perhaps fear of flying has inconvenienced your family or limited your career choices. Become the Ultimate Traveler; Listen to Laura King's hypnosis CD's.
  • Transcend Jet Lag and arrive alert, relaxed and ready to go with Laura King's Hypnotherapy training.
  • Self hypnosis transforms your seemingly paralyzing fear of flying into the ability to relax and enjoy your flight.
  • Overcome seasickness with hypnotherapy and join your friends and family boating, fishing and traveling by water.
(These hypnotherapy CD's are on sale as singles.)

heal grief with self hypnotherapy cd's

Working Through Grief & Regaining Happiness

Grieving is a natural process that takes time and effort to overcome. These hypnotherapy CD's help you "climb out of that black hole which feels as though there is no escape". When a friend or loved one is grieving, we often feel helpless in our ability to offer assistance. Give a gift of peace using hypnosis.
  • Regain the strength and desire to start living your life once again through self hypnosis.
  • Increase your ability to relax, to become serene and tranquil, and to live life to its fullest.
  • Hypnotherapy helps you place negative thoughts, fears and unhappiness in a separate place in your mind
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Weight-Loss Hypnosis CD's & Stop-Smoking Hypnosis MP3's are two types of Hypnotherapy training offered by Hypnotist Laura King. Having been involved in Self Hypnosis therapy and Hypnotherapy training for longer than 25 years, Hypnotist Laura King has developed state-of-the-art Hypnotherapy services and Weight Loss Hypnosis programs. On sale now Hypnotherapy CD's by Laura King.

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